Vital Yoni Kit


Our Vital Yoni Kit is full of sweetness for the most precious of places. Filled with homeopathic remedies, a crystal yoni wand, yoni steam herbals, a suppository and a luscious oil, this kit is bound to leave you replenished, nourished and swooning for more.


Our Vital Yoni Kit is just as it says, Vital. We hand selected all of the pieces that make up our yoni kits with the loving intention of providing a supportive, nourishing and replenishing tool kit for women of any age. Our kit includes the Tantric Crystal ‘Honey Dipper’ Wand, four homeopathic remedies, a suppository for Candida, yoni steam herbal blend and our Luscious Earth Oil.


Homeopathic Remedies:

To take homeopathic remedies, please avoid any tastes in the mouth 15 minutes prior to and after taking the pellets. Place 6-7 pellets into the cap and place them on your tongue allowing for them to dissolve.

Chamomila 30c– Soothes hot, dry, inflamed tissues and pain associated with PMS, herpes flare ups, and fever.

Pulsatilla 30c-Emotional or physical ill health, especially good for women and children. Moodiness and cravings of comfort in the form of friends or food. Great for pregnancy and life-stage hormonal changes.

Staphysagria 6c-Healing due to any yoni or urinary tract trauma (surgeries, abortions, rape etc.)

Cantharis 30c– ‘Honeymoon Cystitis,’ any urinary or yoni infections due to new or changing lovers. Take every hour until symptoms subside, then once a day until symptoms permanently gone.

*As homeopathic’s are vibrational remedies, please do not continue to take them once the symptoms are gone. If the symptoms persist after 2 or 3 doses, please stop and find another remedy and or consult a medical professional.

Yoni Steam Herbals:
Ingredients: Rose, Schisandra, Yarrow, Mugwort

Directions: Make a Yoni Tea with 1 tsp/1 cup of water in desired quantity. Allow for the mixture to cool until you can comfortably hold your hand over the steam for one minute. Pour the mixture into a low bucket or basin. Remove all bottoms, wrap yourself in a towel or long skirt and comfortably sit over the basin and relax.

Borax Candida Suppository:
Ingredients: Borax, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vegetable Capsules
Directions: When candida is present, insert one capsules into the vagina and let it dissolve.

Luscious Earth Body Oil & Love Nectar Crystal Wand
Use: To re-moisten the yoni when feeling dry or irritated, generously lather the wand inserting into the yoni, swirl around and swoon. This action will also clear energetic remnants left from past lovers.

The wand may be used in a variety of ways, the wand is specifically designed to easily stimulate the G-spot effectively and comes highly recommended for relief of pelvic conditions.

Luscious Earth Body Oil is nourishing, blissful and sensual, this is Ayurveda’s Ojas in a bottle. Deeply penetrating through tissues, muscles and joints, may also be used as a lubrication.

Directions: Massage into the body with loving attention before or after bathing, before bedtime or use with a lover or yoni wand.

Ingredients: Sunflower*, Coconut,* Sesame oils* fire infused with Gotu Kola,* Hibiscus,* Vanilla Bean,* Amalaki,* Shatavari,* and Vit. E, *Organic



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