Moonstone Rudraksha Mala


This mala is designed to cultivate deep inner peace and knowing, helping one connect with ones vital life force and restore one with deep nourishment of the mind, body and soul.

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Moonstone- The energy of moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective and lunar. The energy of moonstone relates to new beginnings allowing one to realize that each end is the fruition of a new beginning. This is a stone to connect to the feminine energies of creation, connecting with grace and luminous mystery of magic. This stone clears ones chakras and fills one with spiritual nourishment and sustenance with loving compassion. This is a stone of hopes and wishes and works with the wearer to bring to light what it is that the heart most desires. This stone assists in ones total fulfillment of their destiny. Moon stone is also a talisman for traveling and good fortune.

Clear Quartz- Clearing and energizing, this stone amplifies the stones that surrounds it easing in communication between the wearer and guides of the spiritual dimensions, plant or mineral kingdoms. This stone clears and attunes all chakras but is specifically stimulating to the heart chakra and third eye. This stone provides purification for the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies and helps to open the crown chakra. This stone is also a healer of negativity of ones thoughts and beliefs of oneself and helps to direct ones thoughts to positivity, love, light and harmony.

Rudraksha-The word Rudraksha comes from the sanskrit words ‘Rudra’ (Shiva) and ‘aksha’ (eyes) also known as ‘the eyes of Shiva.’ It is believed the Rudraksha seed is originally from Shiva’s tears. According to mythology, Shiva meditated for 1000 years for the benefit of all beings and when he opened his eyes tear drops fell from his eyes and land upon the earth taking birth as the sacred Rudraksha tree. Uses of the Rudraksha beads have been recorded for many years and their first known recording was in ancient Hindu texts listing that they promote a peace of mind, protection, nirvana and prosperity. Each Rudraksha acts like a bio-energy center and charges the energy field, chakras, kundalini energy and the 108 sensitive nerve centers of the brain.


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