Masala Bling Mala


This mala is specifically great for grounding, calmness, protection and a great piece to have as a foundation in any mantra practice. The stones of turquoise and lava support and rejuvenate the spirit to be in alignment with will, purpose and desire for ones life. This mala also supports communication, clarity, clear-vision and overall health and well being.

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This mala is made of Lava Stone, African Turquoise and finished with a Gold casted Rudraksha. This mala is grounding, nourishing, calming and a foundational piece for any mantra practice.

Lava Stone- A stone composed of the elements of Fire and Earth, this stone is birthed out of the core of Mother Earth in the form of molten lava, and is hardened overtime until it reaches a solid state. Rising up from the center of the earth, this stone carries with it the properties of purification, rebirth, strength, vitality, courage and is grounding and rooting to any scattered energies or emotions. This stone strengthens ones connection to Mother Earth, and is calming to ones emotions with a supportive energy, helping to shed any unwanted layers of emotional attachment.

African Turquoise- Uniting the energies of Father Sky and Mother Earth, this stone brings qualities of calmness and grounding, especially while doing spiritual ‘work’. This stone can bring any and all energies to a higher level, and specifically works with the throat, heart and navel chakras bringing communication to emotional issues, creativity, intuition and allows the application of love in all issues. This is an excellent stone for spiritual attunement, for healing and cleansing of both the energy and physical bodies all the while providing protection. As a healer of the spirit, this stone provides soothing energy and brings peace of mind.


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