Chakra Mala


This special mala stimulates, balances and restores all of the energy centers (Chakra’s) of the body. This is a powerful mala to restore and rejuvenate on every level and provide a sustained flow of energy through out the body, gently removing any blocks.

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Clear Quartz- All Chakras- Clearing and energizing, this stone amplifies the stones that surrounds it easing in communication between the wearer and guides of the spiritual dimensions, plant or mineral kingdoms. This stone clears and attunes all chakras but is specifically stimulating to the heart chakra and third eye. This stone provides purification for the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies and helps to open the crown chakra. This stone is also a healer of negativity of ones thoughts and beliefs of oneself and helps to direct ones thoughts to positivity, love, light and harmony.

Amethyst- Crown Chakra- A stone of ‘spirituality and contentment,’ amethyst facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels. Also known as a healing stone, amethyst clears the aura and stabilizes dysfunctional energy in ones body. Amethyst is a stone of meditation, excellent in conducting the energy of calm and peacefulness to help one to both enter and maintain the state. Amethyst opens and activates the chakra, bringing one in alignment with the higher self and purpose, also known as Dharma. Amethyst is also energetically protective while bringing the energies of serenity and composure. Helps one make decisions with common sense and flexibility and assists in the assimilation of new ideas.

Lapis Lazuli- Third Eye- Quite a powerful stone and amplifier, stimulating the high faculties of the mind; bringing objectivity, clarity and encouraging creativity through attunement to Source. Lapis expands the intellect, wisdom and leadership qualities as well as helping in legal matters that arise. This stone works as a shield from psychic attack. It is used to relieve insomnia and let go of anxieties. Lapis helps one to come to the truth and encouraging self awareness, standing up for oneself and taking charge of ones life. Lapis is a stone of clear vision, helping to implement guidance or dreams into life and promotes clear intuition.

Turquoise- Throat Chakra- Turquoise unites the energies of Father Sky and Mother Earth, this stone brings qualities of calmness and grounding, especially while doing spiritual ‘work’. This stone can bring any and all energies to a higher level, and specifically works with the throat, heart and navel chakras bringing communication to emotional issues, creativity, intuition and allows the application of love in all issues. This is an excellent stone for spiritual attunement, for healing and cleansing of both the energy and physical bodies all the while providing protection. As a healer of the spirit, this stone provides soothing energy and brings peace of mind.

Rose Quartz- Heart Chakra- Rose quartz is a stone of love. This stone emits a calming, cooling energy which can work on the chakras to gently remove negativity and reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self-love. A stone of unconditional love, this stone is especially helpful at the heart and crown chakra’s. This stone has also known to bring peacefulness and calm to relationships and promotes receptivity to the beauty of art, music and the written word. This stone also balances the yin-yang energies and has the power to attune the frequency of all the chakras. This stone is specifically great fro those that have gone through trauma or experiencing grief.

Citrine- Solar Plexus-  Bright and shining Citrine dispels and dissipates all negative energy, yet never requires cleansing or clearing. Citrine emits a warm energy to promotes joy, optimism and helps attract abundance by warding off unhappiness, depression and stress. Citrine enhances the entire bodies healing energy, opening the conscious mind to the intuition, and directing creative energy into the open mind. Helps one adapt to changes and specifically has been told in lore to promote success and abundance specifically in business and commerce.

Carnelian- Sacral Chakra- a stone of mental sharpness and precision. It awakens ones inherent gifts and talents and helps one draw inspiration from these core truths. Carnelian’s message is one of love, and draws the attention to how one can serve in love. This stone can cleanse negativity from other precious minerals, and dispel apathy and passivity. Like the heart of the lion, Carnelian is courageous, passionate, and strong. This stone is a stone of motivation, leadership and brings a rush of warmth and joy that is stimulating and empowering. As the Singer Stone, Carnelian clarifies the voice and boosts self confidence for performances and helps to restore life force and vitality in ones being and relationships.

Hematite- Root Chakra- A smooth grounding and calming stone, this stone promotes a meditative state bringing tranquility and emotional clarity. Restoring to the ethereal and physical nervous systems, this stone helps to dissolve negativity and transforms it to the pure state of love. Hematite assists in the focusing of energy and emotions for balance between the mind, body and soul.



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