Carnelian Faceted Mala (8mm)


Like the heart of a lion, Carnelian is a stone of courage, passion, vitality, strength, prosperity and endurance. This stone emanates the energy of fire in its greatest glory and brings with it inspiration, love, mental clarity and leadership that leaves one with a rush of warmth and joy. This mala is the star of the show, and brings a message of aligning with one’s true gifts and calling in life.



This mala is sure to catch your eye! Carnelian is a stone of mental sharpness and precision. It awakens ones inherent gifts and talents and helps one draw inspiration from these core truths. Carnelian’s message is one of love, and draws the attention to how one can serve in love. This stone can cleanse negativity from other precious minerals, and dispel apathy and passivity. Like the heart of the lion, Carnelian is courageous, passionate, and strong. This stone is a stone of motivation, leadership and brings a rush of warmth and joy that is stimulating and empowering. As the Singer Stone, Carnelian clarifies the voice and boosts self confidence for performances and helps to restore life force and vitality in ones being and relationships.



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