Apricot Moonstone Mala (6mm)


The Apricot Moonstone Mala is a mala of the Mother Goddess and creativity. Aligning with the Divine Mother, this mala helps one connect and bring into balance their sacral and navel chakras, while receiving the soothing, healing and calming energy of the moonstone. This stone works well in healing any digestive or womb related imbalances, and brings a strong creative and intuitive energy to the wearer while cleansing all negativity from the chakras.

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Apricot Moonstone is a stone of the Mother Goddess. Moonstone enhances intuition and provides a soothing, feminine energy. A stone of new beginnings, it reminds one of our own worth and divinity, and invokes sensuality and gentle passion. It is said in India, the Moonstone (named Chandra Kanta in India) is quite sacred and the moonlight from the full moon gives the stone increased power to bring in good fortune. The color reminds one of the enchanted feeling when the Full Moon is huge and orange and low on the horizon. Apricot Moonstone is specifically strong when working with the navel and sacral chakras, bringing balance to will and creativity. This stone also helps to alleviate emotional tension and enhances perception and discernment. Apricot Moonstone can also be used to help treat disorders of the digestive and elimination systems and strengthen the assimilation of nutrients.


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