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Slow Down and Eat UP

Its been awhile since I ventured into my kitchen with awe and inspiration. Maybe it is the summer heat or just running around being too busy to hang at the hearth. But my personal desire to stand at the stove or the sink seems to wane every summer, to come back strong again in the fall. When the […]

Plant Study: Mullein

Plant Study: Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) Common/Folkloric Names: “Great or Common Mullein” “Lungs of the Earth” “Cowboy/Hippy/Indian Toilet Paper” “Flannel Leaf” “Velvet Dock” Common Mullein is a reseeding biennial. Although not a native to the US, it has naturalized and can be seen throughout the country. In its first year, the ‘mother’ plant emerges as a […]

Bringing Yoga to Life…Transforming Fear into Living

How can we love fully, without the fear of loss, without the feeling that we must tip-toe around life in order to hold so delicately, the experiences and relationships that make us feel so good? How do we wake up each morning, with trust and hope rising with the light of the sun, knowing that […]

Detangling Of The Mind: Success

A friend once called me Matrix Eyes, as she claimed to think I saw the world in a very strange and unique way. I agree. I also know that writing helps me to find clarity, hence the “Detangling Of The Mind” writing series I have decided to play with. This is the first topic that […]

Seeding My Dreams

“When we become aware that we are telling ourselves stories, we begin to have a choice about what stories we are telling, and that is the true beginning of authoring our own existence. Rut or river, these strategies of our imagination tell us who we are, what our purpose is, and how we connect, or […]

Big Shifts

I feel an expansiveness happening now…big shifts that are challenging me to live my fullest, biggest brightest self. A recent experience that had the most profound effect on me, in my work and my life path happened over Easter weekend at a military base in Fort Bliss, Texas. We were to play a show for […]

Rock Solid Steady..What?!

After coming back from India I am watching my life flow in vacillating waves of excitement & growth  to old patterns of ‘ick, blah and overwhelm’ resurfacing to be faced. The past few days I have been getting a bit more insight around this, due to a practice around sthira (steadiness). In my world &  […]

Healing Our Relationships

Ooh baby, it is time. We are being called to action–to notice the patterns & grooves that we have become stuck in and really look at the way we live. It is becoming a sore point that the wounds we carry-whether from our own past or cultural wounds-are the underlying seeds of a blame game […]


Anxiety is prevalent today, in our society that admires the hard driven strive towards success at all costs. The demands we put upon ourselves have an impact on our nervous system at a very deep level which often results in anxiety, fear and stress. Yet it can be a mystery in finding its source. It […]

Healing Packages

Package 1: Your Yoga Blueprint A personal yoga practice is designed according to your needs and lifestyle.  Receiving a yoga practice is highly beneficial because it meets you where you are at and takes you to a better place, in your mind, the health of your body and in your life. The goal of this package is to […]

Messages in Dreams

“We are seeking the missing parts of ourselves, our own identity, our roots.” Panditji It has been over two years since I dreamed of this Pilgrimage to India, to the convergence of the 3 sacred rivers, to the Great spiritual gathering called the Kumbha Mela and Khajuraho, an ancient Tantric City. On the night of […]