Rooted in ancient herbalism, Vital Yogi is a boutique not-yer-mamas apothecary that infuses the traditions of western herbalism and tantric wisdom. Bridging the sages and the witches, grounded in the mystic art of tinctures, tonics and infusions, Vital Yogi is an apothecary that takes you home. Each of our creations are small-batch, hand crafted, mantra infused, sustainably harvested and made with only the crown jewels of organic ingredients. Our vision is to empower people to be their own healer, to find the guru inside themselves and to connect the wise elder with the 21st century rebel shaker. As wild and free as a dandelion puff on a windy day, Vital Yogi is yoga in a bottle, anytime, anywhere, infinite bliss is only a few drops away.