Herbal Certification Programs at The Wild Temple School

We are thrilled to introduce Amy Branum as the teacher for our new herbalism course, Grassroots Herbalism, beginning this January! Grassroots Herbalism is the first in a series of courses that will lead practitioners and enthusiasts alike on a journey deep into plant magic…

Here is what Amy is offering:
It is our intention to give students a strong foundation in healing with plant medicines on all levels. This includes:
– a complete understanding of plants as remedies
– how to assess the needs of individuals in order to find the best plant ally
– foundational botany and plant identification
– a strong understanding and respect for traditional as well as scientifically proven herbal remedies
– joyful and experienced herbal medicine making
– time ‘in the field’/hands-on experience working with plants – cultivated and wild!
– the energetics of herbs, mainly from the perspective of Ayurveda
– healing the body on all levels beyond simple herbal remedies
– honoring the plants and understanding that they are conscious life forms offering their assistance and wisdom

Level 1: Grassroots Herbalism will provide a foundational level of understanding for herbal remedies and how to apply them. In this class, we will learn remedies for stress, the digestive system, the immune system, and children. Students will have the opportunity to wildcraft herbs and make medicines such as salves, tinctures, teas and syrups. With this program, each student will be empowered to begin nurturing themselves with herbs and have the basis to approach common issues with herbs.
This class is a pre-requisite for Level 2.

Level 2: Community Herbalist will take the herbal education to a deeper level. With a strong  basis in the Ayurvedic approach to herbs, each class will focus on the different systems of the body, the diseases and states of imbalance that affect these, and how to use herbs to assist in their healing.  This level is for those who want to take their herbal knowledge beyond the basic level so students can expect to be exposed to a lot of information! Classes will include more advanced medicine making techniques and additional aspects of natural healing to be determined.
In order to join this class, a strong foundational education in herbalism is required. Students must have taken Level 1: Grassroots Herbalism or an equivalent course. An interview is required to be accepted. If you believe that you already have the Level 1 foundation and are interested in starting with Level 2, it is strongly encouraged that you schedule an interview before Level 1 begins on January 14, 2016 to ensure that you will be able to enter the level 2 program. To schedule an interview, please contact Amy at 530-559-8185.

Level 3: Herbalist Mentorship and Case Study will be a time to allow your herbal knowledge to ripen in your mind and life. The amount of knowledge learned in Level 2 needs to be incorporated, which requires practice over time. In this course, we will meet monthly to review case studies and discuss about students’ expriences with various herbs. This course will allow your knowledge to settle in before working in a clinically with others.