4 Remedies to Transform Negative Election Vibes

Here are 4 helpful allies & remedies for fear and challenges that may be supportive for you or someone you love right now. I am working on a Survivalist’s Guide to the Flowers, which should be ready soon and will focus on community healing, moving through despair and activating self empowerment. This post is just a tiny piece, addressing mainly fear. What we are dealing with right now is not all about fear though, so I don’t want to stress fears although I want to address the fears. I think a more well rounded repertory or “guide” for our current socio-political situation will be very beneficial…so, coming soon:)

For Fear & Terror:


“Extreme apprehension for new thresholds of experience.”

Is your stomach tying up in knots of fear or do you have an inability to shake the looming, heavy nature fear is bringing into your mind and heart? This one is a favorite of mine, having fittingly met it in ‘real life’ for the first time growing all along the edges of the American River’s “Tunnel Shoot,” a man made rapid (from explosives in the the 1800s Gold Mining times) that causes an upswing of fear due to the intense rapids, sharp edges of the river bed and the possibility you may fall in and get swept under the tunnel….the very essence of fear.

The plants always appear where they are needed most and this one is a great one to alleviate fears due to circumstances we can see or not foresee. The coolest thing is it is a yellow Monkeyflower, with sweet little red freckles. Cute & powerful! And I have to say here…you as an adult may or may not have processed yours (and others) fears, but don’t forget your children. Many of the children I know are in acute distress right now. Flower Essences work magic on helping our children process big emotions and Mimulus is a great ally for the kiddos. Remedies that support Mimulus are Chamomile Flower Essence (which has the profile of “stomach tense with emotion”) and one of my classical favorites, Walnut (which offers a loving “shell” or womb while dealing with any kind of physical or emotional transition.)


Rock Rose:

This is a remedy best for extreme situations that call for extreme measures. Many people I know already have PTSD and are receiving really upsetting news and stories post elections. Rock Rose, one of the key ingredients in the classic Rescue Remedy formula (of which would be handy for many folks to have now too) offers peace & resolution in the face of fear & terror….that kind that paralyzes someone when facing death or annihilation (or extreeeeeeeme loss). Typically this is used after an experience (such as a violent act, traumatic accident, rape or abuse) so horrible we have to “check out” as a survival mode, but if you have a past trauma in your tissues, the current events can trigger “episodes.” This remedy is for that kind of situation and is great for children of parents who have suffered trauma, as they often pick up the trauma like little sponges.

It may be a good thing to note that if you are experiencing any anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, nausea, depression etc..contemplate the possibility that you are holding fear and it has travelled into your nervous system and tissues. You may need assistance in releasing the emotional charge. Don’t underestimate the power of the flowers and the intelligence of the body. Your body will speak up. The flowers will support. I know personally that although I feel mentally I can take on a lot—such as really horrible news or stress–my body tells me differently and is a wonderful “talker” such as my heart begins to feel weak or do little flip flops (like when I found out the final news of the elections), I forget to fully exhale and my sleep becomes disturbed. This kind of somatic response is what shows up when trauma hasn’t left body memory. Most of our human race has experienced trauma. So, as one of the original Bach flower essences, this baby has had half a century of use and can continue to support us as it is not only powerful, but gentle. And like with all flower essences, great for all ages. Rock Rose goes great with Star of Bethlehem (for trauma…ever…in life),  Dandelion (for tension built up in the musculature) and Elm (for dealing with overwhelming situations.



“Penstemon has enormous strengthening powers, enabling the soul to tap into reservoirs of courage and resilience which are normally inaccessible to the human consciousness.”  This one I fear, is going to be needed a lot in the next few years. Keep a watch out on your community….virtual and land based. Look out to see, possibly someone you know could use Penstemon as an ally in their life. Do you have any friends that are in acute fear and challenge right now? Or people you know that have had incredibly hard life experiences? LGBT community? Immigrants? Blacks? Women? Folks whose innocence, trust, love, security, etc…have been taken away by another or by life? Serious blows such as truly unfair life circumstances & harsh situations leave people pigeonholed into negativity & the feeling that all they will know is suffering & getting the short end of the stick. The ability to persevere and to learn how to trust again is offered a boost with this flower essence, especially helping to transform those who have victim mentality into seeing that their intense struggle can be a stepping stone to powerful soul growth. This is definitely needed for good action and positive change and these flower essences work like a shrink in a bottle. Good Medicine. A wonderful ally for this plant is Scotch Broom. Scotch Broom is an ancient Celtic protection plant that invokes a strong fire of action when in the pit of world despair. More to come on this plant soon, as I feel it to be Very Fitting to our Current Needs.

Red Clover

The last one I will mention here right now (look for the full guide soon) is for helping people find their own stability, opinion & centeredness (calm mind) while in collective fear. Many folks I know are empaths, and having just returned from Japan, where there is more community mentality than individualized mentality makes me truly see how connected we are, and how dangerous one strong sweeping emotion can be to a community. In the Japanese chapter of the Flower Essence Society, there are case studies of red clover, yarrow and other flower essences helped to heal the nation’s distress, by cleansing the fear & helping release built up emotions from the Japanese’s psyche after a massive earthquake. See Here for link. This same approach can be really useful with families of immigrants, blacks, LGBT who are sensitive enough to feel and love each other so much that they pick up and fuel one another’s fears. This remedy (especially with Yarrow, which not only promotes a feeling of protection but helps one access their warrior Self within) is a great one to bring up and pass along….so again, please share. I will also add that there are a number of Yarrows that are powerful for emotions & boundaries, and perhaps the best to work with with Red Clover would be Pink Yarrow (for the empath that can’t separate their own feelings from another’s) White Yarrow (for that psychic protection and warrior strength) and Golden Yarrow (for the artist/musician needing to numb down and protect with drugs due to picking up everyone else’s emotions.)
If you or someone you know needs help, I hope you can find solace in the flowers. May they continue to bring Grace, Healing and Light to our lives.
The quotes above are from flower essence diva Patricia Kaminski, psychologist & founder of the Flower Essence Society. Camille, my new assistant & I can make some up for you if you wish to purchase in our store, as single essences or blends. Just go to the menu & check out with a note of which essence(s) you would like. You can also find flower essences at a local health food stores or Co-Ops. Email if you do not know how to use them or would like more info about them. If you also just want to pass this info along, please do so.