Energy Mastery Training Level I

Anji Energy Mastery, Level One Energy healing for wholeness, awakening and activation of the divinity that dwells within.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 4-6. Friday 10-3, Sat/Sun 10-5. $200. Open to 10.
We begin the weekend with Reiki style empowerment. This is a turning on and turning up of the healing force that exists within you and in the universe. We continue with hands on healing protocols that will work with: awakening of fulfillment (an essential step for those on the path of self realization!), alignment with soul purpose, past life resolution, and a connection to ancestral imprinting that will bring the entire family lineage (as well as the student) to Avatar Consciousness. This very potent weekend will culminate with an activation of hitherto unknown aspects of the energy body that relate to universal service.
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