Plant Initiations

by Brooke Sullivan

It is my belief that our plant allies mirror and support the human condition. The main difference is their soft spoken, immobile (planted) nature and selfless action. I also wonder truly, are they selfless? More than humans, that is for sure. Flowers are the plant’s full expression when nurtured in such a way that the highest, most complete aspect of its Self can blossom. I see that they are unique like us with particular purpose and unique shaktis (powers) specific to their nature, habitat, growth pattern and relations. As humans we also have a purpose that we came in with (SvaDharma) and patterns unique to us determined by our environment, tendencies, conscious and subconscious desires. The point I wish to share in this moment though, is that I truly feel in our symbiotic relationship we have to our green allies, it is our consciousness, as we awaken into our highest nature, that mirrors the flowering blooms of plants. And it is the flowering bloom of the plants, that can help us awaken our consciousness!

When I was in Midwifery School we were blessed to be trained by an elder rich in creative initiations. Not a typical school, the House of La Matrona and the beloved teacher/director Whapio was a center of Spiritual Emergence, Empowerment and Supportive Life Rituals. She made us think, question, reveal and become vulnerable. She taught us to sit on our hands and trust the divine as much as to speak our voice to wield like the cutting edge of a sword. My newfound spirituality, connection to community and this rugged path of the healer was like a new born baby swaddled in the center of life’s potential. We had the ability to recreate ourselves, to detangle from old preconceptions and to grab and rip apart the self deprecation that had gripped most of us women. Our teacher, our guide, our midwife… was Granny Raking Bones as much as the White Buffalo Woman and She Who Sits On Her Hands. She taught me, with the wings of the ancient owl leading, how to access my power as a woman, healer, yogini and spiritual midwife. With her wise initiations, this potent, living teacher helped us to break free from our cocoons and emerge newly with fresh eyes, fresh energy and best of all, a fresh start.

It hit me strongly after my meditation today, that this is also the medicine of the flowers. They are catalysts for initiation…into one’s psyche, and for growth in the world. Dr. Edward Bach, the founder of our current flower essence therapy system, taught that by taking a flower essence, or the dew drops collected from the leaves or petals of a blooming plant, we take in their positive virtues. This potent force of energy, a positive light of awareness, when ingested, can rattle our predetermined beliefs to help us shift direction-broaden perspective-see things In A New Light. The Flowers are initiatory by Nature and as a part of Nature, when working with a particular plant, Nature (Prakriti) assists the plant and our Highest Self to activate an awakening. The Divine Essence shines light on our psyche and opens doorways that have been previously closed, helping us to meet challenges with courage, grace and awareness. These plant initiations are a sweet ceremonial fire that let our past go so we can actively take the reigns of our present and lead ourSelves more mindfully into our future.

We don’t always need harsh experiences to access these profound awakenings. We don’t always need to walk barefoot into the desert and starve, to face the coyotes and rattlesnakes to clear our minds of our fears. Our lives are often harsh enough. We don’t always need strong medicines that tear us apart so we have to reconstruct ourselves from scratch, such as the plant entheogens and harsh psychedelics. We don’t always need strong fiery methods although We Do need TO WAKE UP, which IS elemental fire and awareness!! We do need balanced means to continuously challenge our belief systems, mental grooves and actions that keep us perpetually stuck in vicious cycles and downward spirals. The flowers in my opinion, are gentle and safe, yet profound and filled with sage wisdom. Much like a ceremonial fire safe in the constructs of the havan kund, prepared with boundaries, just enough fuel and just enough flame to Not burn the house down, the flowers offer the catalysts, for our own awakening. They offer Divine Initiations right from our homes, our backyards and retreat spaces.