Touched by a Naga Baba and other Ashy Practices

Brooke Sullivan and a Sadhu

Touched by a Naga Baba and other Ashy Practices

If I could say one thing about my life in the past 15 years, I would say  that unfortunately, along with all of my growth and accomplishments, I have been largely motivated by fear.

Perhaps this fear really began at 26, when I gave birth to my daughter. The shocking reality of the weight of responsibility to direct, care, love and support something so precious and vulnerable as another human’s life. Perhaps it was my shift of direction into that of the healer, a path that introduced me to the depths of subtle and physical woes. Perhaps it was the desire to be a good wife and to do anything for my family including getting up on stages, dancing and singing in front of thousands of people. Or, perhaps it was stress-induced survival to make all ends meet?! Who knows…probably all of the above!

And I share this because the fear is going away. I would love to say that there was one thing that made this happen—and in a way this is true. But to be clear, it is due to many practices rolled into One…a Daily Practice. From ancient wisdom handed down to me from my teachers, mantra meditations that connect me to the Divine and my Higher Nature to connections to Mother Nature….I dedicate every single day to my practice. And its working. I share this with you because my next chapter in life is to Share these practices…with you.

This year I am adding a few more programs to my Sage Apprenticeship. I have dedicated a lot of time and love to building these programs up to the 500-hour level, and the community is growing strong. My new offerings are: Tantra Shakti and The Vital Essences and Kundalini Shakti: Alchemy of Yoga & Mind. So hop here if you are interested in checking out my 5 Sage Apprenticeship programs.

And as for my recent experiences of the Sage Apprenticeship in are some highlights!

IMG_89761.- We met Shiva at my great-grand teacher’s Ashram in Rikishesh! I know this may sound absurd to some, but in a tiny temple on a hill, I poured some Ganga water over a Shiva lingham, (a symbol of one-pointedness in mind and clear absolute stillness of pure consciousness) and as if I were touched by a magical vacuum, all thoughts and subtle thoughts vanished. I melted into an ease of peace and tranquility that lasted for days…now I really Get Shiva. Mmmmm.




IMG_13092.- We burned our fears and other gunk (ashes to ashes baby) in the innermost sanctum of the Chandi Devi Temple. The Goddess that resides in this temple lies at the heart of Sri Vidya Tantra and is a big presence in my lineage. We received the unexpected gift of a private fire ceremony in her ancient temple, which was intense due to the stormy weather…but super potent! Here at the top of a mountain in the foothills of the Himalayas I was given the honored seat to pour ghee (an offering of clarified butter) alongside the Pujari (Temple priest) and we chanted Swaha! as the wind, rain and ashes blew fiercely at our faces. All of our crap coming up into the surface to be turned to ash…released and transformed. It was powerful, juicy, & so healing…I feel we all sparkled the next day:)

IMG_13123.- Lastly…I was touched by a Naga Baba. Wow. Have you ever encountered a naked Sadhu, hair matted in dreadlocks, covered in ashes with a skull around his neck? These holy men are renowned as being hermits in the caves for most of the year, coming out only for the spiritual gatherings (such as the Kumbha Mela, which was happening during our yoga adventure.) They are the yogis who face fear and negativity by facing it in every moment. Their practices often involve having to do things such as: find a human skull to carry around as their food bowl, facing death and negativity in cemeteries, and transmuting the negative karma of and for the community. For some reason This Naga Baba happened upon our group ready to depart to a temple and decided to gift me with his blessing. Unexpectedly he placed his hand on my head (I was definitely freaked out for a moment)…yet the feeling of peace and love that filled me for hours afterwards was undeniable. Who would have thought?! I do believe he helped clear me of some unsettling thoughts and deep fears. Thanks Baba!

There are times in life that are completely unexplainable, but lead you to a certain point. We can let fate drag us there or we can choose, with clear sight and a strong will, how to more effectively reach our goals. We can also choose to do practices, with faith, hope and determination, that bring more of that good ‘unexplainable’….the stuff of miracles. After almost 2 decades of practice and studying, the one thing I can say that I completely align with, is that practice is magic. “Practice, and all is coming”  is a famous quote by Ashtanga yogi, Patthabhi Jois. And it is true. The unexpected appears, magic unfolds and how one perceives and experiences their reality, can be completely shifted for the better.

This year can be a shift in how You perceive life too, just by dedicating more time to your own growth and practices. Check out my Trainings in the Sage Apprenticeship if you are ready to dive deep into practices that can serve YOU. One is coming up soon, the other…save your moola cause we are Going Back to India!

1.-  Prana Shakti, a program of the Wild Temple School 300-hour YTT: This insightful program is perfect for graduates of the Sage Apprenticeship or for advance students who want to deepen their practice and knowledge of plant medicines.

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