The Wild Temple School

The Birth Story of The Wild Temple:

The weaving of yoga, herbs, energy healing & ayurveda began as an 18 month immersion studies program in 2008, led by teachers of Sri Vidya Tantra, Brooke Sullivan and Daisy Marquis. Called the Shanti School, we facilitated practitioners into their own healing first, while giving them the tools to be able to tend to others. The focus of the Shanti School, which is still running in Asheville, NC is transformational healing. Each immersion program offers hands on skills that cross pollinates a few wisdom traditions (yoga, ayurveda, bana reiki, herbalism, & flower essence therapy) all under the canopy of Sri Vidya Tantra, a “right handed path” of Tantra.

In 2012, guided in meditation and plant dream communications, Brooke and her family decided to move back to her birthplace, to northern California.  As Brooke moved west, the landscape changed and the program shifted to meet both her and her community’s needs. Landing at the California College of Ayurveda (where it ran and grew for 2 years) Brooke’s portion of The Shanti Program evolved from The Shanti School to 5 Spokes of a 500 hr. YTT called The Wild Temple.

The Wild Temple’s focus is transformational empowerment  and it addresses lifestyle, practice, the mind, the heart, ancient wisdom, earth connection and healing. All of the programs are rooted in practice (yoga & meditation) and each program weaves in herbal wisdom (some programs more than others). The Wild Temple School brings depth and foundational wisdom handed down thousands of years, from the hands and hearts of the Sages. It is a school for both the beginner as well as a seasoned practitioner. The Wild Temple, although can certify a person at the 500hr. Yoga Teacher Training level, is first and foremost dedicated to self transformation, empowerment (Tantra & Vitalist Herbalism (The People’s Medicine)) and reclaiming the sacred in earthly connections. For those on the path of a teacher, it also offers the practicum, theory, skills  & certification for students to become a registered teacher through the International Registry of Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.

brookehandsprayerThe other unique aspect of this school is that it moves abroad and into the field. River rafting trips focusing on alleviating fear, accessing power & the wild of nature along with plant communication & identification studies are held each summer. Study abroad, in India, offers a deeper insight into the power of Tantra, the Goddess, the sacred & colors of this Motherland with our studies taking us to healing temples, spice farms, the banks of the sacred Ganges (Maa Ganga) & to the magical Valley of the Flowers.